Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hi Prayer Partners,

We want to take a moment to thank you for helping over the years. It has been a blessing for us and we have done our very best to reach others for Christ as well as develop a sustainable foundation.  Your gifts and prayers have been a part of that and Diana and I want to thank you for your prayers and help.
Over the last 25 years we have seen countless come to the Lord, 18 churches started and hundreds of kids get a better start in life and that starts with Jesus.  We have seen several businesses start that has helped the ones we work with to be more sustainable and not dependent on us but on the Lord Jesus. With your help we would not have been able to do this work that God has called us to.
Once again thank you for all your help and support.
The latest and up Date Movie is now available on Vimeo. You can view it at:

Kenya 2013

God Bless,
Rick & Diana Wilson

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